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This is a Logo for Jeremy smith who is a Portland city council candidate in district 4.
This is a graphic of Portland Oregon on the website of Jeremy smith who is a Portland city council candidate in district 4.

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My Community

Meaghan (She/her)

A little about Meaghan: I was born and raised in various places in the Portland area, mostly Milwaukie but I also spent a decent amount of time in SE and NE. I am currently a behavioral health therapist on the adolescent floor at Unity (Portland’s mental health hospital) and I love what I do. Working with people, especially youth, at their hardest moments in life can be heartbreaking but also so rewarding. I’m also a Mom, a sister, a friend and oh yeah I’m also Jeremy’s wife.

Why Jeremy for city council: You may not know Jeremy yet, but you know people like him. Jeremy is the friend with a truck who you ask to help you move. He is the kind of guy that always shows up to that random thing you invited him to. Jeremy is the person who follows through on making those “we gotta get together soon” type of plans. He’s the guy who would support your small business or your child’s school fundraiser. Jeremy is reliable. He cares. When we met, he learned how to play Pokemon again just so he could teach my son who had really been wanting to learn. I never thought I would get married, but he made it the easiest decision of my life. He has done everything possible to make sure our lives are easy, fulfilling, and joyful. He has supported every dream of mine and my son’s since he met us, and I fully believe that he can do the same for Portland.

Zachary (He/Him)

A little about Zachary: I’m Zach. I like to play with Yo-Yos, draw, play Minecraft and my favorite food is Ramen. I am in the 4th grade. My favorite thing about living in Portland is that it has beautiful art... some people might say that I am a pretty good artist.

Why Jeremy for city council: I think Jeremy would be good at being on city council because he can handle the responsibility of caring for others, as well as himself. He likes to draw with me and supports me being an artist. His favorite food is chicken pad thai. I have been telling all of my friends at school that he is running for Portland city council because I am so proud of him.