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This is a Logo for Jeremy smith who is a Portland city council candidate in district 4.
This is a graphic of Portland Oregon on the website of Jeremy smith who is a Portland city council candidate in district 4.

All in 4 portland


Courageous and Compassionate Leadership


  • Fully Fund Portland Street Response to allow:
    • 24/7 Response
    • Competitive Pay for Retainment and Recruitment
    • Operate independently from Portland Fire & Rescue as a co-equal branch of our first responder network
    • Decrease in response times
    • Read Portland State University’s 2 year evaluation on Portland Street Response here
  • Expand Mass Transit Ambassador Program to Include Bus Stops, MAX Stations, and MAX Lines - Increase Safety on Bus and MAX Lines. Read about Portland Streetcar’s success with their ambassador program here
  • Ensure we have the infrastructure capable of providing those experiencing drug addiction with the healthcare they need - additional triage and rehabilitation centers.
  • Expand Central City Concern with a Focus on Continued Care and Long Term Stability.


  • Create a Renters Bill of Rights to include:
    • Lower the Mandatory Renter Relocation Assistance rent hike trigger to 1% for at least the next 2 years. Read about Mandatory Renter Relocation Assistance here
    • Mandatory 6 month advance notice for any rent increase
    • End evictions during extreme weather
    • Ban Rent Hikes when Code Violations Exist
    • Allow renters to provide their own credit checks
    • Cap pet fees at $25
    • Establish a right to counsel in Eviction Court
  • Participatory Budgeting - Gives underrepresented Portlanders equitable voice and vote in how 2% of how the general fund discretionary budget is allocated-Learn more about participatory budgeting here
  • Support Oregon Just Cause for Employee Discipline or Discharge to give unions and workers more protections in the workplace
  • Call for an Immediate Ceasefire in Palestine


  • Set Timeline to Cease the Critical Energy Infrastructure Hub Operations. Learn more about the CEI hub here
  • Ensure Portland Clean Energy Funds (PCEF) are spent on initiatives that address Climate Change. Read more about PCEF here
  • Institute Freedom to Move Program, reinstitute and expand Portland’s ‘fareless square’ creating a fareless mass transit system, expand bus service, and reduce bus wait times
  • Prioritize Riparian Zone Restoration, Protection of our current Forests and Wetlands​, and Reducing Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Adjacent to the River
  • Prioritize Bike and Trail Infrastructure to Increase Pedestrian and Biker Safety
  • Retrofit Water Treatment System
  • Reform Waste Disposal System​ With Focus on Cleaning the Streets and Increasing Recycling Capabilities
  • Expand our Park Systems

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